Review for Dinner

My wife and I are from Moorestown NJ and had never heard of the King George Inn. I was referred by a co worker last Spring….and we have been back 4-5 times since then . It’s a really cool place ( well…truthfully your air conditioning stinks ) , nice ambiance on the river, and we were surprised at how safe the area was. Truthfully, we had our doubts about going into Bristol but we were wrong ! No problems at all . Everyone one is very pleasant and helpful. Your waiter George is especially pleasant and fun. But the jewel in King George’s crown is Jill the bartender. She operates flawlessly under the most extreme pressure ( and heat & humidity !) . Not only does she know how to make pretty much any drink someone orders without looking it up ….she remembers what my wife and I order from week to week ! I’ve never seen her complain, get angry or lose her composure . We were very happy to have given KGI a try.